Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need nonlethal security? Surely it would be best to use no weapons at all by getting rid of armed conflict?

In an ideal world, international conflicts would be settled without resorting to war. Perhaps one day (if, say, we achieve an effective world parliament) we may reach that stage. Until we do, armed warfare is likely to continue. When other methods fail to resolve disputes, as a last resort nations will employ physical force.  NLS can reduce the damage of that force.

What exactly is Nonlethal Security (NLS)?

NLS employs technology which protects against and constrains agressors without causing death or major injury. Much of this technology includes what are currently called  ‘non-lethal weapons’ (NLWs).

What NLWs are at present available?

The range of NLWs available is still limited. They include non-lethal  ’munitions’ – such as baton rounds and beanbags, stun guns such as Tasers and deterrent noise and light devices. More

 What NLWs are being developed?

A variety of more sophisticated NLS devices are under development, some of which use technologies like microwave radiation. More . Further research is continuing.