Links to Peace Related Organisations

(note: this is only a partial list. It’s being regularly updated)

(See also links from Disarm-Secure  and  links from Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project)

Peace related websites

A.N.S.W.E.R.(Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)


Alliance for Conflict Transformation        

American   Friends Service Committee     

Amnesty      International                            


Appropedia – appropriate technology    

Arms  Control Association                         

Art for Humanity                                        

AVAAZ    (“Voice”)                                     

Basel Peace Office                                      

Berghof Foundation                                   

Building Global Democracy Progam     

Campaign for Peace and Democracy    

Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace  

Canadian Culture of Peace Program    


Center for Global Non-Killing               

Centre for Global Cooperation Research

Centre for International Governance Innovation

Centre  for Peace & Conflict Studies (CPACS), University of Sydney                                                                     

Child Fund                                                

Citizens for Global Solutions                

for the International Criminal Court   

Combatants for peace                             

Common Dreams                                     

Conciliation Resources                           

Conflict Research Society                      

Conflict Resolution Network                

Crisis Group                                            

Culture of Peace News Network         

Death Penalty Org                                 


Democracy  Digest                                

Democratic World Federalists           

Dignitas International                        

Earth Action                                         

Edmund Rice Centre                          

End Poverty 2015                               

Enough Fear                                       

Europeans for Peace                        

Fairshare  International                 

Federation of American Scientists

Follow the Women                          

Footprints  for peace                       

Force More Powerful                       

Freedom Indiemaps                        

Fundacion  Cultura de Paz            


Global Action to Prevent War       

Global Campaign on Military Spending

Global majority                                

Global Movement for a Culture of Peace

Global Peace Builders                   

Global Peace Index                        

Global Security Institute               

Global Solutions                             

Global Trust                                    

Global Zero                                      

Grameen Bank                               

Hague  Appeal for Peace (network of peace associations)

Hiroshima Day Committee         

Human Rights Watch                   

Human Union Movement            

Institute for Economics & Peace

Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies (Penn State University)                                                             

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Interfaith Peace Builders              

International Action Network on Small Arms

International Alert                        

International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict

International Centre of Nonviolence – Australia

International Council on Security and Development

International Peace Bureau

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

International Press Agency (promoting peace and non-violence)

International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts

J street                                             

Jerusalem Centre for Women    

Jewish Voice for Peace                

Jubilee 2000                                   

Medecins Sans Frontieres            

Medical Association for Prevention of War


Military Online Colleges               

Ministry for Peace                          

Network for Peace Through Dialogue

New American Dream                    

New Internationlist                         

Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center at the

University of New Hampshire       

Non-Lethal Weapon Research Project

– University of Bradford                 

Non-Lethal Weapons – European Group for

Non-Lethal Weapons Program – US Dept of Defense

Non-violent Conflict                         

Non-Violent Peace Force               

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation    

Nuclear darkness                            

Nuclear Files                                    

Nuclear  Threat Initiative              

Nuke Free Now                                

One Earth Peace                              

One Just World                               

Open Democracy                             

Open Society Foundations            

Oxford Research Group                  

Pace e Bene (non-violence service)

Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Passion for the Planet                     

Peace Action                                     

Peace Alliance                                 

Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Peace and conflict resolution         

Peace and Justice Studies Association

Peace and Planet                               

Peace Boat                                           

Peace Brigades                                   

Peace Buttons                                     

Peace Convergence                           

Peace Jam                                          

Peace Journalism                            

Peace Learning Center                    

Peace Monuments                           

Peace News                                       

Peace Research Institute Oslo       

Peace Revolution                             

Peacemaker Game                           

Peres Centre for Peace                    

Physicians for Social Responsibility



R2p Asia Pacific                              

Rescue Plan for Planet Earth       

Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Rotary Peace Bradford                   

for Global Responsibility

the World’s Resources          

Small Arms Survey                

Gakkai  Australia                     

Gakkai  International              

for Peace                               

Cluster Bombs                         

Peace Action Network       


Swisspeace Foundation                

Development Circle             

and Learning for Peace    

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies – Peace and Conflict Studies


on the Tap                               

Unfold  Zero                            

United for Peace                    

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research

United  States Institute for Peace    

University of Calgary, Peace Studies Consortium

University of Lancaster, Richardson Institute

University of New England – Peace Studies

Uppsala University Dept  of Peace & Conflict  Research

Virgin Unite                          

Vision of Humanity             

Voices for Creative Non-violence

Vote World Parliament         

Waging Nonviolence              

Walking for Freedom              !about/mainPage

War  and Media Network      

War on Want                           

Womens International League for Peace and Freedom

World Alliance to Transform the United Nations                                                                            

World Citizens Association – Australia

World Citizens Registry         

World Movement for Democracy

World Peace Academy        

World Peace Database      

World Peace Foundation 

World Peace Prayer Society

World without wars and without violence