“Taming War” – the book

The overall ‘Taming War’ strategy for world peace – with a strong focus on nonlethal security – is explained in detail in (the book)  Taming War – Culture and Technology for Peace by Andrew Greig  (Peace Power Press 2007)


“Full of idealism, commonsense and bright ideas” Robyn Williams, Broadcaster

Andrew Greig explores the various overlapping responses that war generates – heroism, horror, glory, cruelty, freedom, fighting, revenge – and suggests ways to give the notion of peace a proper place in our thinking. It is a broad original perspective on a universal problem” Bruce Petty, Cartoonist, Film-maker, Writer

“I read your powerful and engaging text with enormous interest and I regret only that politicians from Jerusalem to Canberra probably won’t do the same” Tom Keneally, Writer