About the author

Andrew GriegANDREW GREIG was born in Jerusalem in 1943 and brought up in the United Kingdom. His varied career has embraced broadcasting, educational video production, public relations and health education. His many other occupations have included factory hand, bank clerk, laboratory assistant, school teacher, barman, nurse, lumberjack, deckhand, truck driver, dishwasher and construction worker – to name just a few. His first degree was in zoology, human physiology and philosophy and he has a Master’s degree in education. In 1994 he went to Zaire and Rwanda during the Rwandan refugee crisis as a member of CARE Australia’s advance medical team. This powerful experience provoked his ongoing interest in peace issues.  Andrew has been a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) at the University of Sydney and is on the  CPACS Council. He is coordinator of the Nonlethal Security for Peace Campaign. Andrew lives in Sydney, Australia.