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Non-Lethal Weapons for Peace Campaign


This is the first Newsletter of the Non-Lethal Weapons for Peace Campaign. The newsletter will come out periodically. Because your time is valuable, it will be brief.

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The Non-Lethal Weapons for Peace Campaign aims to reduce death and injury in warfare (and other conflicts) by using non-damaging technology (more info on the website).


Almost every day there is some story in the news which has relevance to the concept of non-lethal weapons. It may be another artillery attack by Syrian government troops on their fellow citizens. It may be death and injury in Afghanistan from a home-made bomb, a rampage by a psychotic gunman somewhere in the USA or yet another conflict in Eastern Congo. What all these stories have in common is our use of lethal technology in resolving conflict – and sometimes where there’s no conflict at all. Human beings developed this technology – heavy guns, bombs and assault rifles – for defence against aggressive enemies. It’s not the kind of technology that should be used to resolve civil disagreement – let alone in a mindless small-town massacre.

Just a few weeks ago, employing the most amazing scientific and engineering skills, we delivered a highly sophisticated roaming vehicle to the surface of Mars.

If we can be so clever with technology on Mars, why do we have to be so unutterably dumb in the way we use ‘defence’ technology to kill and maim each other on our own planet Earth?


It’s early years for non-lethal weapons, but it’s a growing industry. Perhaps the biggest range of devices to date has been developed by the US Department of Defence’s Non-Lethal Weapons Program.

Various European nations are working on similar technologies (which are discussed at the biennial European Symposium – see below).


A symposium on non-lethal weapons is held in Europe every two years.

The dates for the next European Symposium, the seventh, have just been announced. It will take place June 3-5 2013 at the Stadthalle in Ettlingen (near Frankfurt) Germany – its usual location. The theme for the symposium will be ‘how fielded non lethal technologies have performed in real operational environments’.

The closing date for abstracts is 5 October 2012. For further details go to .

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Andrew Greig


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The Non-Lethal Weapons for Peace Campaign Newsletter No 1


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